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Electrical Car Chargers and Installation from £499* plus VAT.

We are independent, certified car charger installers for both homeowners and businesses.

Operating through out Surrey, we are certified and accredited electrical car charger installer for both homes and local business premises. We offer a range of tethered and untethered charging units (see below) to suit your needs and use ultra EV cable as standard, which has the data and power in one cable for a tidy installation. In addition, we provide free surge protection too.

Car Charger Installer in Weybridge, Surrey
Car Charger Installer in Weybridge, Surrey

OZEV grant scheme

Free grants to assist with installation costs.

The EV charge point grant provides financial assistance of up to 75% of the installation cost of your home car charging point. Click the button to check your eligibility.

Electrical Car Chargers and Installation from £499* plus VAT. Complete our quote form below.

Our Car Charger Range

We have a car charger for every green home and business. As independent installers we take the time to ensure that your charger installation looks smart and tidy in as well as being in the most practical location  in your home.

Ohme Untethered

compact smart charger

From £995

Ohme Pro

perfect for everyday charging

From £995


Best For solar charging

From £1295

Zappi Untethered

Best For solar charging

From £1255


Stylish Appearance

From £1245


user accounts for billing

From £1740


Budget Charger

From £825

Anderson A2

customisable styles & colours

From £1740

Your charger comes complete with ....

*£499 plus VAT is the given price if you are eligible for homeowner or business government grants.

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Enjoy a £200 installation discount with our eco installation for replacement or new home chargers.

Looking to replace your current charger?

If your existing installation meets current regulations, we can simply replace your charging unit with a newer, more efficient unit that can feature smart technology. We will use the existing cabling and you will receive a safety certificate after testing as well as a £200 discount from our quoted price.

Getting a charger for a new build home.

Most new build homes today come with charger cabling installed and connected to your electrical supply, ready for the charger to be fitted. If this is the case with your home, you will receive a safety certificate after testing as well as a £200 discount from our quoted prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some of the most common questions we get asked by green homeowners.
o Tethered car chargers have the cable permanently attached to the charger on the wall, you then unravel it and plug it into the car. These are usually selected as you don’t need to keep attaching the cable. instead you just coil it up over the charger or on the supplied holster.
o Untethered car chargers have no cable attached to the charger. Instead, you will use your own cable to connect the car to the charger. These are sometimes selected as a neater option.
All our car chargers are waterproof and can be installed outside. Usually this will be as close to where you will park as possible on a brick wall. if you do not have a brick wall to attach it to, we can provide ground mounted pedestals at an extra charge.
    As with anything electrical, if not installed and used correctly, they can be dangerous. All of our installs are done with safety in mind. here are some terms you will come across. all of these should be installed with your charger unless for a specific reason they have been safely omitted:
  • Surge Protection Device (SPD) – these are to ensure any power surges from lightning strikes in the area pass safely through the SPD and don’t damage the charger or car. They also stop power surges on the earth cable which is connected to the cars body as these could be dangerous if touching the car.
  • Residual current device (RCD) – these are used to monitor power out through the live cable and back through the neutral cable. these should be exactly the same. if a scenario occurs where something becomes live and a person was to get a shock then the RCD would trip in milliseconds before the shock can have dangerous consequences. They are installed as “additional protection” and are there in case other safety measures failed. n.b Type AC RCD’s should not be used anymore.
  • Protective earth-neutral devices (PEN fault or O’PEN devices) These are relatively new and have come about due to a vulnerability of our electrical network made worse by electric cars due to the large metal body of the cars. A PEN conductor is where the earth and neutral are a shared cable until it enters your house. If this shared cable was to be broken or damaged it means that the neutral and most importantly the earth become live which in turn means the body of the car can become live. PEN fault detection devices almost instantaneously disconnect all the conductors (cables) from the car and will show an error while keeping the car safe to touch.
No its not. there are many energy providers who can give you duel or flexible rate tariffs which means you can charge when the energy rates are lowest. this means some cars can be fully charged for around £5 of electric.
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