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Solar Panel Batteries
Get the most out of your solar energy
Suitable for both businesses and home owners
Get the most out of your solar energy

25 Year Warranty On Panels

We always use leading brands.

Save Money On Your Bills

12 panels can save you over £1000 a year.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

A green alternative to fossil fuel generated electricity.

Sell Your Electric To Providers

Sign up to the Smart Export Guarantee.

Your Local Specialist Solar Panel Installers

Scalable solar panel installations for homeowners and businesses.

Solar Panel Installers. Small solar panel installations can be used to power individual items such as an electrical car charger or scaled up to power your whole home or business premises.

Car Charger Installer in Weybridge, Surrey
Car Charger Installer in Weybridge, Surrey

Prices starting from £4,995.

Contribute to the green revolution.

All our free quotes are generated by MCS approved installers as an alternative to pushy sales teams. All of our works have insurance backed workmanship warranty's.

Chargable Home Batteries.

Get the most from your solar panels.

Battery systems allow you to store daytime generated energy for use at night time, rather than drawing fossil fueled generated electricity from the national grid.

Have an exsisting solar panel installation?

We can retrofit batteries to your existing solar panel system, even if you have the FIT (Feed In Tarrif). Prices start at £3995 fully installed.


What Our Customers Say.

All of our customer reviews on Google, Yell and Checkatrader are 5 star.

Our Process

We will fully explain and teach you how the entire system works.

Remember, if you have any further questions after installation, we are always just a call away.

1. Site survey

One of our expert installers will visit your property to talk you through options and get the measurements we need.

2. Receive your proposal

We will send you out a free proposal with how many solar panels and estimated output you could have, including estimated savings and ROI calculations

3. DNO applications

We will fill out the relevant applications to the DNO and follow the entire process until we receive approval.

4. Installation

Our expert installers will install your system to a high standard ready for you to start harvesting the rays.

Help with solar panel installation costs.

The government has introduced a number of schemes and grants to help families with the cost of installing solar panels. Solar Panel Installers

VAT Free Until 2027

In the 2022 budget, VAT on solar panels and installation were abolished until 2027.

Check For Grants

Your home may be eligible for a grant or scheme to help pay for your solar panels.

save energy

With rising energy costs and carbon footprint, read this government guide to help reduce your energy consumption.

Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some of the most common questions we get asked by green homeowners.
The Solar panels are secured direct to the rafters using metal roof hooks. Depending on the roof type we will then usually put in a plastic molded weatherproof boot. After this we will re tile/slate over the plastic boot so all you see is the raised part out of the roof. These keep your roof completely weathertight.
Almost all tiled, slate, metal or flat roofs can take solar panels. as long as teh roof is in ok condition and not showing signs of warping etc.. then we can fit panels to your roof. one of teh only roofs we cannot fit to is thatched roofs. Although we can do ground mounted solutions if you are unable to have them mounted on your roof.  
Quite often we fit as many panels as we can fit on your roof. The more panels you have means the more power you make. On larger roofs where we can easily get 10+ panels, we will look at your energy consumption and try to match the correct number of panels to meet your goals. i.e be a generator of green electricity, get the quickest payback or to go completely off grid.
yes! your panels will work in bad weather or even cloudy weather. you will see a dip in production but as long as there is daylight, they will be generating power. you may see your panels generate more than the peak they are designed for. this is called over irradiance, typically this can occur when your panels are cold but get hit with powerful sunshine. i.e. a very sunny, clear winters day.

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