Solar PV installations and maintenance

With the rising cost of living and energy prices continuing to increase, now may be the perfect time to consider going solar. The solar installation will allow you to generate your own electricity and use what you generate. Any excess electricity will be fed back into the grid which also helps us become a greener planet. If you want to store your generated electricity it is simple to either add in some batteries to store the electricity to use at nighttime for example, or even convert it into hot water filling your water tank for when you need to heat your home and/or use hot water. 

As each home is different and many factors can affect the different power outputs of solar PV we recommend getting in contact to discuss your requirements and we can put together a free quote. 


If you already have solar panels installed, we can arrange to do your yearly service or re commissioning which should be carried out every 3-4 years. If you currently have faults with your solar installation, we can fault find and rectify any issues you may have.